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🐛changing thoughts --> ❣️new feelings -->new actions -->new results❣️❣️
My experiments with this are gratifying!

Our thoughts create our choices, which create our actions and results follow.

🌟Truth 🌟 If you love your life, you love the choices you've made and you make choices in the direction of what you would love.

Caveat:  Be careful what you wish for. We learn by results that we still have more to learn.


Often we look around at the circumstances of our current life and notice what's wrong.   Our creative mind, stimulated by what we're noticing, helps us to repeat this pattern.

Sometimes we imagine what we would love and what that would feel like.

When that imagination becomes desire, and that desire becomes action, we see new results.

 You might even recall times in the past when you embarked on a change without knowing how it would come about. You succeeded when you did not know how.

Many years ago, as a single mom with two jobs that, together did not pay for shared home and maintenance of ancient car, I made a decision that was scary.  I started to question the rhetoric that my admin assistant job at a University was the most secure place with the best benefits to be had a recession.  I was surrounded by fascinating people.  I was in a department that dovetailed with my natural interests - and, with a second job I had no quality time with my daughter and I still could not pay bill.  I asked the question:  What if there were a position that paid twice as much, had better benefits and a lighter workload. I started scanning want ads, making phone calls and went on a few interviews.  GUESS WHAT - I landed that position - double the salary, better benefits, lighter work load.  AMAZING!

Over the years I have put this into action, often unconsciously.  I would find myself in a situation so bad I would take desperate action, landing myself in a whole new place.  However I would be in a new place with my only slightly updated mind.  I can see, in retrospect, how my programming would give me new opportunities to sabotage, thus creating new situations to push through.  The Universe conspired to help me, but I had not yet grown to take full advantage of my new place.  Thus the cycle of sabotage and growth.

One of my limiting beliefs sounds similar my newly realized empowering/works better belief:   I cannot expect others to make me happy. I am responsible for my own life.  This essentially could be called the LONE RANGER SYNDROME.  Though I longed for partnership, I felt I could not count on anyone, and I had to go it alone.  I believed that I was part of the Universe and God loved me - and that meditation was soothing, that honoring the brightest light in me was what I had to share, that helping others to soothe and discover inner peace was my path.

I'll save the stories of this journey for other blogs.  Fast forwarding to today!  I get it! I am responsible for my thoughts.  How I feel is my barometer and compass and guiding light.  When I feel contracted I need to hit PAUSE and BREATHE and OPEN MY MIND TO A THOUGHT THAT DIMINISHES CONTRACTION ANSD/OR PROMOTES EXPANSION and, if inspired, ACT ON THAT NEW THOUGHT.

If you want to change your results, breathe, relax, think a new thought, make a new choice, take a new action.

Watch the life you love emerge. 

❣️❣️I LOVE MY LIFE ❣️❣️

🐛changing thoughts --> ❣️new feelings -->new actions -->new results❣️❣️
My experiments with this are gratifying!